Ferragamo launched the 2012 spring and summer jelly shoes, colorful color with a classic brand of bow design!

Ferragamo unique brand of hot models SPIFFY the hollow body of the shoe with a bow, sprinkle sparkling glitter in the body of the shoe section, the bow in the middle there Ferragamo, Logo metal identification, a little jelly transparent the sense of rubber-soled, either gold or silver color set off to have a great effect. Ferragamo Jelly shoes, rubber shoes this season also introduced the new metal bow recognition integrated into the design of jelly shoes, rubber shoes the BERMUDA jelly shoes, rubber shoes, the body of the shoe features a hollow design, color some pink, gray optional, showing more are fashionable with characteristics.

Breathable comfort and do not have to worry about jelly shoes, rubber shoes in wet rainy season has been very popular in the summer IT shoes! 2012 spring and summer Salvatore Ferragamo join jelly shoes, rubber shoes market, continuation of the the Ferragamo year's tropical resort atmosphere, Salvatore Ferragamo, jelly shoes, rubber shoes have a wide range of colorful color and increase the version of the classic, classic bow design, color saturation of red roses, Putao Zi, pale, sky blue, black optional, jelly shoes, rubber shoes design but also show a very elegant visual sense.

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